Charles Carlini Interviewed About Origin of Moogfest

It was over 50 years ago that American maverick inventor Robert Moog began developing instruments that altered the course of modern music for all time and have since become an integral part of our musical culture. To honor Moog and commemorate his groundbreaking achievements, Moogfest, the annual festival celebrating the life and work was launched in 2004. Mike Lewis of The Tuned Inn recently spoke to Charles Carlini about the founding of Moogfest. Read more »

XM Radio Interview with Emerson, Wakeman & Moog

Moog’s namesake analog synthesizer helped catapult the careers of such a diverse list of artists as rockers Edgar Winter, Todd Rundgren, Gary Numan, and Devo, funksters Parliament-Funkadelic and Zapp, disco producer Giorgio Moroder with disco diva Donna Summer, fusioneers Chick Corea with Return To Forever, Herbie Hancock with The Headhunters, Jan Hammer with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Klaus Doldinger with Passport and Joe Zawinul with Weather Report, New Age icon Tomita and classical performer Wendy Carlos…. Read more »