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Clinic Crafters Workshops

Jazz Masters Share Secrets to Improvisation with Beginning and Advanced Students

“Let your talent hit the rafters…get yourself to Clinic Crafters.” – Jim Hall

From the audience, a great performance comes across like a seamless miracle. If you could get the performer’s commentary on what he does, though, you’d learn that each combines theory, technique and tricks of the trade with his talent in a totally individual way – and that’s what students and fans have the opportunity to discover in an intimate series of workshops scheduled weekly in Manhattan.

“We have percussionists Giovanni Hidalgo and Candido, bassists Richard Davis and Eddie Gomez, guitarists John Abercrombie and Pat Martino, drummers Lenny White and Billy Cobham and other legendary artists in the series,” says Charles Carlini, organizer of the workshops. “Some of these performers don‚Äôt normally teach at all, and others rarely come to New York City. So its a rare opportunity to learn at the feet of these giants.”

At a typical workshop, the visiting artist performs for a bit, discusses the theory and technique in his performance, invites a member of the audience to play and offers feedback and help with style and execution. Throughout, he answers questions from workshop participants. Because of the access and interchange available in the sessions, students “have a treasure in this series,” says critic Gary Giddins.

These images are courtesy of Ali Çetinkaya

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