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Simply Charly

Simply Charly offers students, teachers and other interested parties an original, one-stop portal to a wealth of information about some of the world’s most prominent historical figures. The site’s mission is to become the leading online source for everything our visitors want to know about the groundbreaking individuals we feature.

Simply Charly offers:

* Easy-to-read biographies of over 100 personalities, highlighting their main achievements and challenges;
* Exclusive interviews about these personalities with world-renowned scholars, bestselling authors, and a Nobel Prize winner.
* Opportunities for our visitors to pose questions about each historic figure to our panel of experts.
* Book reviews, videos and podcasts relating to featured personalities.

And so much more…

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We worked on

DESIGN Our team at Bolder designed the website and the illustrations were created by various artists.
DEVELOPMENT Simply Charly is the brainchild of Charles Carlini.

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